Educate • Connect • Celebrate

The overarching goals that comprise NPDC’s Vision include:
• Establishing South Jersey as the most “NPO friendly” region in the nation
• Being South Jersey’s leading supporter of the work of NPOs by providing:
– Technical assistance through capacity building programs, and
– Networking opportunities, and
– Visibility through recognition and celebrations of NPO successes.

Our Mission has always been to help the region’s non-profit organizations that provide direct services to their clients to do it “better.” And our operating premise has been that when we make even just one of our region’s NPOs better, we help us all.

Founded with the goal of increasing donors’ “social return on investment” and to stimulate new sources of philanthropy in this region, NPDC executes this mission by providing opportunities for enhancing the work of Southern New Jersey nonprofits and their leaders through technical assistance, information-sharing, education, networking, and recognition and celebrations of success.

This means that NPDC’s primary business is building capacity. And because we have traditionally been an all-volunteer organization, the money we raise has gone directly into providing programs that help other nonprofit organizations (NPOs).